PRice GUide



of Artistic photography.

The best way to capture your whole wedding day story from the morning with your friends till the last kisses of the night with your parter in life.

Includes +600 edited images.

+180€ per extra hour



8 H

Artistic Photography

Includes +400

  edited images

+220€ per extra hour





with Ceremony

2h of Coverage

Including +80 images

+360€ per extra hour







All wedding coverage include

Online Gallery for 6months

All rights to reproduce images as you wish for personal use

Beautiful Slideshow

BUsy Season

During high season on Saturdays the minimum wedding coverage is 8h.

Outside of high season and Saturdays I do provide shorter wedding coverage, so please don't hesitate to ask.




How it all works:

I. Let's chat!

Let's have little video meeting or go for a coffee or cocktail and chat about your wedding day! The idea is to find out what you're planning and how I can help you out.

Your wedding day is unique and you need a story teller that brings it to life.

I might not be right photographer for everyone, but I might be the right one for you two.

So let's chat and make those memories a reality.

II. COntract


Awesome! You want me to be your photographer! It's gona be epic. But before that we will sign a contract that outlines everything that is included and a retainer fee of 500€ that will confirm the booking.





III. Meeting before


About 2-4weeks before the wedding we will have a meeting inperson or via video chat to go through all your wedding day details to make sure that I have every detail that is needed to cover your wedding day.

This way you guys can just concentrate on having an awesome day and I'll make sure all the necessary memories will be captured.

Of course If you have any questions before this I would more than happily help out at anytime.


IV. The wedding day


You will have the most magical day filled with love, friends and family with naturally a bit of partying on the side.

Mean while you guys have an absolute blast I will be close by like a ninja in the shadows observing and capturing all those little moments that only exist for less than a second but last a life time in memories.

Occasionally I will give guidance with portraits and groupshots, but mainly the idea is to capture the essence of day in a artistic documentary way.


v. Delivery


After the beauty of a day you will receive a little sneakpeak in the next 48h to get you feeling the vibes immediately again.

After this all those precious memories will be processed in my digital alchemy lab of data and converted into images and memories that will tell your days story for you to love and enjoy for the rest of your life.

This will take a maximum of 8 weeks which will be than delivered via online gallery to be viewed and shared with your loved ones.

Extra info

Do you shoot destination weddings?

Of course. I would more than happily travel to where ever your adventure is taking place.

So far I have phtographed weddings in Switzerland, London, Cambridge, Lapland, Spain, Tampa Bay and naturally all over beautiful Finland.

Every single destination is a new adventure. I love seeing new place and travelling, be it close by or far away, I am more than happy to do it!

Do I have to order prints through you?

Nope. All wedding packages include full resolution images, so you can print and reproduce your images wherever you want to. There is no need to order prints via me.

A very easy way for you and your family to print the images is via the online gallery store. Only a couple clicks and you will have your beautiful memory getting made and sent to your home.

Printing images is an incredible way to experience you images. Now a days everything sits on your phone and computer which is convenient, but lacks passion.

Do you remember visiting your grandparents and pulling out an old album with printed images inside of them. Its an incredible strong memory and you can probably still visualize the images in your head even if it has been years since you touched the book. That is what your images in printed form will be for you two and your family. Images hold a strong bond and in printed form you realize that it really did happen.

Can I extend the session on the Wedding day?

Most commonly I shoot full day coverage weddings. I prefer doing this as you guys can enjoy the day from the mornining till the wee little hours of night and won't need to think about photography at all. It's a one of a kind moment in your life that won't happen again.

But to answer the question; yes it's possible to extend on the day as well.

Will there be a second shooter?

Normally I shoot weddings solo, but without a doubt having a second photographer presents a more versatile story.

Usually I don't find it necessary to have more than one photographer present, but naturally I will more than happily cater a package according to your wedding needs that guarantee the best memories.

If there is plus 120 quests and lots of activities going on, it is always a good idea to have a second photographer.