Marketing Material


 As social media takes over most of the marketing space it's vital that brands have a strong visual representation. As such I have worked with numerous clients ( Helsinki Seagulls, Dansukker,, Hard Rock Helsinki, Holiday Inn, Kauppalehti etc.)  and produced a breath of material that will make it much easier for you to market events, products, or even just to give social media posts a professional look to attract attention to your brand. Pricing varies a lot according to the needs of every client and I would more than happily have a chat with you and help  to create images that show off whatever you want to show off ! 


When you are setting up an incredible event; be it a formal presentation, party or forum. You need a photographer that makes that event shine visually. Let me help you show off all that hard work and bring in even more clients in the future.

 Prices start from 200€ alv%0 for the first hour and then on wards 100€/h. 


Property photography that sells your house. The most important role for property photographs are to get clients to walk into the house that you are selling/renting. Of course the property has to look good, but it has to look how the actual property is. If the photos make the place look much bigger or better than reality the prospective client will be frustrated with the wasted time, but the images that show off the best bits and leaves just enough for the imagination will bring in the buyers. Those are the images that I will give you.  I have photographed by this point well over 200 properties and can create results that sell.